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Psychic Georgia

Stephanie Miller

About Stephanie


Her Story

Once you learn a little more about her, you will be waiting to meet her.


Meet the extraordinary 

Psychic & Spiritual Healer 


Stephanie Miller is also known as and goes by, her nickname Georgia. has been reading friends and family since she was 5, clients for over 23 years professionally and has been helping clients from all over the world for over 18 years and has yet to fail a client.

Georgia is nonjudgmental and is a caring individual but also says it like she sees it. She is also a life coach and contributes here time and energy into guiding those in need of the right direction at the correct moment of their lives.

As she is a generational healer, she was consumed into her instincts and abilities at very young years and more sooner than later became a master Psychic, Healer, Counselor, Love expert and ordained minister.

She is rated highly from 92.8 % - 98.9% accurate.

She is a powerful spiritual healer that can channel her energy vibrations specifically near or far, it isn't a matter where or who she is helping.

In her own words:


My Psychic/Spiritual consultations are done by clairvoyance (Psychically viewing pictures, Names, Words, Visions, Images, Symbols, Auras, ETC.), Clairaudience (Hearing voices - Gods, Angels, Spiritual Guides And Loved Ones.

I am a spiritual individual and attribute my ability and gift through GOD.

The information I receive concerns the past, Present and future.

Most importantly, I am very honest and straight forward, nothing is sugarcoated.

I will tell you what I see and not just what you "Want to hear".

All Psychic/Spiritual readings or any consultation are strictly


The main way I access information is by a sense of "knowing" (claircognizance) as thoughts and ideas are dropped into my head or clairaudient where I hear messages. Other times I am given a visual representation (clairvoyant) of information to pass along to you.

As an empath I can pick up on your feelings and energy as well. Using all of my gifts I provide you with the information that is important for you whether you need clarity, confirmation or answers.

Meditation as a Lifestyle



Reasons to choose Energy & Spiritual Healing

A way to a perfect life



Improves your spirituality


Builds energetic strength


Opens your 3rd eye


Founds a spiritual lifestyle


Some credentials 

Psychic Stephanie has also been interviewed and has predicted for FOX news, twice for NBC news and has read live and predicted for many on Beasley and clear channel radio stations.

She is featured NEW YORK Magazine on What my clients are asking about for 2020,

 Boca Magazine in article Meet The Expert In Psychic And Spiritual Healing 2020.

She was also featured in article: Inherited intuition in Skirt! Magazine and local chronicles.

She has been featured at charities, fundraiser and different types of benefits and is also available for public or private events.

She also travels frequently, she may be in Boca Raton, Dallas, Augusta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Orlando.